Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tag Again! (from Cassie) and Thanksgiving!

3 Joys:

  • Cuddling up by the fire with a good book and some hot chocolate

  • Spending time with my family members -- immediate and extended

  • Performing in front of a sold out audience =)
3 Fears:
  • Loss of another loved one unexpectedly
  • Failure to achieve my goals

  • Not living life to its fullest
3 Goals:
  • Make it into either the BYU Nursing or Music Dance Theatre Program

  • Marry the man of my dreams

  • Raise a family of my own
3 Current Obsessions/Collections:
  • Sooner Football!

  • Michael Buble =)

  • Music Theatre
3 Surprising Facts:
  • I won first place in poetry at a Drama Contest 2 years in a row (how? I have no idea!)

  • I like to clean! Except when I'm cleaning up other people's messes
  • I actually do miss high school, but mostly because I miss my underclassmen friends
I tag... Ronda Mae, Haley, Ann, Deb, Celeste, & Kellie =)

Here's some pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Tucson!

Yes, we went swimming in November =) You can do that in Tucson!

Isn't she the cutest baby girl ever!?

Thanks for having us Angie & Richie! I miss you guys so much already!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Picture Tag!

Picture Tag - find the 4th picture in your 4th folder, then tag 4 people

Haha! Ronda and I were Mario and Luigi for Halloween. This is from our ward Halloween party at the bowling alley in the basement of the Wilkinson Center! What a fun night!

I tag... Mom, Angie, Cassie, and Wannie =)