Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Call Me Slacker.

Bishop's Ball!
Ronda, Me, Lissa, and Sarah
I love my roommates!

I know, I know, I haven't posted in far too long. Honestly though, I was having WAY too much fun at home with my family and friends! I hope ya'll can forgive me! (see, I even got the Okie words back!) Anyway, I took some pictures with my friends, and I decided to share them =)
This is Corie ... She's beautiful!
Anthony and I
"Family Photo"
We all claim to be siblings. =)
If only, if only...
Dog Pile on Andrew! Poor guy, look how red his face is!
Here's Andrew with a normal face hahah
And now for the snow... I got back to Utah on Sunday the 4th, and it snowed from Monday morning until Wednesday morning pretty much without a break. It was insane! I am so not used to this cold weather and this much SNOW! It really is beautiful though, and I was able to capture some funny pictures of what happens when it snows so darn much. Enjoy!
It says "Pray for Snow." I guess I just thought it was funny at the time because when I took this photo, it had honestly been snowing for 36 hours straight! I think we done enough prayin' Utah!
Exhibit A: I don't think it's going anywhere.

Exhibit B: Yes, it is hard to find parking at BYU.

Especially when half the spots are covered in snow.

Exhibit C: Last but certainly not least, the beauty that comes after the storms.