Friday, August 6, 2010

Beautiful Colorado

The team after our white water rafting experience at Clear Creek. SO MUCH FUN!

JoRyan got attacked by a dog while he was out knocking doors... Yikes!

Beautiful scenery!

Thought it was a funny name for a street...

Yeah, it snowed in the middle of May. It was cold.

Colorado sunset. Stunning.

My bread was just about done when I heard a crashing sound that came from the kitchen. I hopped up and ran to open the oven, and this is what I found! I guess the risen bread made the pans squeeze to tightly together! Now I only cook two loaves at a time (:

These are the videos of our 7 second shopping sprees at Costco! James only got 5 seconds because (of course) he chose the meat section...

Last, but not least... a video of one of the cutest little boys you'll ever meet. My nephew Bentley (:


Joni said...

Love the pictures and the videos!can't wait to see youguys in a couple of weeks.

David said...

I wish I can go to Colorado for some mountaineering and rafting, especially in the Rocky Mountains. By the way, have you seen the unique white rooftops of the Colorado airport? Also, I enjoyed watching your shopping spree videos. =)

David Deland